Top 5 Lies Democrats are telling about immigration


1. Illegal immigrants will be dealt with by the court system.

Administration officials have repeated this line, as if the promise of a court process should quell uneasiness over the recent border surge. The truth is many immigrants, once inside the U.S., don’t show up to their court dates. Even if they do show up and get a removal order, many of them don’t go anywhere. There are as many as 800,000 illegal immigrants still in the U.S. who have been ordered to leave.

2. The border is secure.

Earlier this month, esteemed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated – with a straight face, it should be noted – said that the “border is secure.” Throughout this crisis, Reid has stubbornly refused to acknowledge that current policies have led to the situation on the border. He’d rather throw more money at the problem, than talk about policy change. Because that solves everything.

3. It’s Bush’s fault.

Again with the Bush-blaming? Obama and his allies are trying to deflect any ownership of this crisis by pointing to a Bush-era law that for some reasons can’t be tweaked with new legislation or repealed. Just like the Bush tax cuts.

4. The recent surge is all because of violence in Central America.

Right, had nothing to do with Obama throwing out the welcome mat.

5. Amnesty is the solution.

Unless you’re a Democratic governor.