Tom Cotton fights back on border security

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd tried, and failed,[1] to badger Senator-elect Tom Cotton into backtracking campaign remarks about the U.S.-Mexico border during an interview this weekend.

Todd started by playing audio from the campaign in which Cotton warns open borders can be taken advantage of by Islamic terrorist groups who collaborate with drug cartels in Mexico. Todd played the clip, then promptly asked the sitting Congressman if his words were merely “campaign rhetoric” and “fear mongering.”

Cotton, to his credit, didn’t back down, even when Todd blatantly suggested that his stance created an obstacle to comprehensive reform.  “As long as our border is open and it’s defenseless, then it’s not just an immigration issue –it’s a national security issue,” he said. “That’s yet another reason why we need control of our border.”

Cotton added that there is good reason for Americans to fear an open border. “The Islamic State is cutting the heads off of Americans right now, and their leader has said they want to strike us in the United States. That’s something we should be fearful of and that we should take a stance again, whether in Iraq or Syria or whether it’s securing our southern border.”

Cotton, and the other principled conservatives like him who won Congressional seats in November, are being sent to Washington precisely because they don’t back down when the left or members of the elite media accuse them of “fear mongering.” It’s only unfortunate that it’s so “radical” in this day and age to suggest that an unsecure southern border would be eyed by Islamic terrorists.

Kudos to the Senator-elect from Arkansas for not backing down. We need more lawmakers like him.