Time to thank House conservatives


One week ago Friday, conservatives in the U.S. House stood firm on principle and prevented a bad bill [1] from getting to the president’s desk. This is what we elected our conservative leaders to do; it’s important we thank them for defending our values and the rule of law.

Leading up to the vote there was enormous pressure to pass sweeping immigration reform, while giving President Obama $2.7 billion (in the Senate bill) to deal with the current crisis on the border. Yet no one and no piece of legislation were actually going to deal with the root of the problem: our lax border security. President Obama can chide House conservative and threaten executive action all he wants. The responsibility for the current immigration crisis lies squarely at his feet.

Still, we’re proud of the way conservatives acted last week. And, we’re willing to give credit where credit is due. This time around, House leadership actually listened to conservative objections, and moved on a common-sense bill that emphasizes border security. We can only hope that in the future, this kind of common sense continues to prevail.