Time for a change at CBO


Atlanta – Tea Party Patriots (TPP) today called on the new GOP congressional majority to use its authority to appoint a Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) whose policies and protocols would more realistically assess likely impacts of various fiscal policy alternatives.

“If recent reporting is accurate, Doug Elmendorf is on the way out. If that’s true, Republicans should be applauded for that,” said TPP President Jenny Beth Martin. “Under Mr. Elmendorf, CBO’s original score of the Affordable Care Act showed it as a net deficit-reducer, which made it easier to pass the legislation. Now that the dust has settled, we can all see the ACA is another massive spending program that will add trillions to the deficit. This kind of number-juggling isn’t fair to the American people, and cannot be allowed to be repeated.

“We need a new mentality at CBO, one that starts with dynamic scoring,” continued Martin. “The notion of tax cuts as a ‘loss’ to the Treasury that must be ‘paid for’ is wrong-headed, and ignores real world economic realities and experience. Incentives matter, and CBO’s scoring models should recognize that.”

Current CBO Director Doug Elmendorf’s term expires Jan. 3, and many conservatives have advocated a change in direction.

“Elections have consequences, and the GOP needs to make a fresh start at CBO,” Martin said. “One thing is certain: It will be easier to enact pro-growth economic legislation with a pro-growth CBO director. Let’s hope Republicans take advantage of this opportunity.”