Tighter immigration enforcement is clearly needed


An illegal immigrant has been deported 44 times since 2001 which means he has managed to cross the border just as many times! He’s not the only one who has had double-digit deportations on his record, which is very alarming for the security of our borders.

The Washington has the story:


Border authorities say they struggle to get some U.S. attorneys to pursue cases, and lawyers say the attempts aren’t worth the time. It often takes some indicator of gang or other criminal activity on someone’s record to tip the scales in favor of prosecution.

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, which represents more than 7,500 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, said what is needed is a comprehensive enforcement strategy aimed at stopping illegal immigration that targets the reasons repeat illegal immigrants are returning — such as the availability of jobs.

“We’ve got to have E-Verify, we’ve got to have the entry-exit systems. We’ve got to have a robust interior enforcement plan, and we’ve got to quit dangling the carrot and drawing people here,” he said.

ICE provided the information about the five most deported illegal immigrants to The Times on the condition that it not name them specifically.

All five were Mexican, and among them they had amassed 14 criminal convictions for illegal entry, seven for illegal re-entry, three for vehicle theft and one count of “cruelty toward wife.”

Tougher immigration laws are needed to keep repeated deportees and illegal immigrant criminals out for good and the American people safe! Sign our petition urging President Trump to implement a biometric entry/exit visa tracking program.