The Top 11 Reasons We Need to Fire John Boehner!


John Boehner was elevated to Speaker of the House in 2010 because of the uprising of the Tea Party movement. Boehner promised to fight Obamacare and stand up to President Obama’s reckless spending, but has failed to live up to those promises. Count the ways he’s fallen short since then and don’t forget to sign our petition to Fire the Speaker!

He led the House to fully fund Obamacare

He caved to President Obama and raised taxes

He supports granting amnesty to illegal immigrants

He supported increasing the debt ceiling several times, further stealing from our children’s future.

He led the House to pass President Obama’s $1.012 TRILLION spending bill for 2014

He attacked the Tea Party and other conservative groups

He attacked Members of his own conference who, with the support of the Tea Party, delivered a House majority to the GOP

He repeatedly breaks his own 72 Hour Rule, ensuring no one has time to read bills they are voting on

He won’t stand up to Harry Reid and Senate Democrats

He gave Obama a thumbs up during the State of the Union

He can’t point to a single conservative accomplishment during his speakership


So visit and sign the petition to tell Speaker Boehner: “You’re fired!”