The terrorist threat at the border


Earlier this week, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) appeared on Fox News and reported that Border Patrol agents caught 10 ISIS fighters attempting to illegally cross the southern border into the United States. This news is alarming and serious, and underscores the threat the lack of border security poses to the American people.

It was only a matter of time before our enemies overseas caught on to what illegal immigrants figured out long ago: the United States government doesn’t protect or secure its border, and what border patrol agents we do have are stretched beyond comprehension. If tens of thousands of immigrants are able to sneak across the border, why wouldn’t ISIS terrorists believe they could get away with it too?

It’s a grim question to be sure, but one that must be asked. Border security should be one of our government’s top priorities. Instead, the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress dismiss the idea. Instead, their top priority is rewarding illegal immigrants with executive amnesty while whistling past the graveyard regarding terrorism.

We know border security is no easy task but it is a necessary one. Not only is it important for protecting U.S. citizens against outside threats, it also protects Americans from waves of people illegally entering this country. It’s time for Washington to follow the rule of law and secure the border. Only then can Americans rest assured that their freedom and safety are protected.