The real border crisis the media won’t report


If you really want to know what’s going on at the border, the liberal media may not be the right place to look. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin wrote a column a month ago about the real issues surrounding separated families at the border the mainstream media ignored. What the media fails to add in these stories – not to mention malicious attacks at President Trump for enforcing the law – is the alarming number of migrants who are not family units and the rising number of drug traffickers using migrant families to tie up border resources.

Conservative Review has the details:

Through the process of reporting back to [San Diego Judge Dana] Sabraw, the DHS produced a memo breaking down the number of children reunited with parents. The data shows that of the 2,551 adults who were recently separated from children age five and older at the border, 917 are “either not, or not yet known to be eligible, for reunification;” 130 waived their right to be reunited because they wanted their children to get refugee status; and for 463, “case notes indicated adult is not in U.S., under review.” This likely means that in addition to the 130 who didn’t seem to care about reuniting with their children, an additional 463 left the country without explicitly waiving their right of reunification, but still left their kids behind.

The media has lied to us from day one. To begin with, 80 percent of the children who have crossed over since 2014 are not with parents but are unaccompanied. Only 20 percent come with parents. Either way, almost all of them have been resettled with illegal in-laws or aunts and uncles as well as parents who successfully evaded the border patrol over the years and have settled in the country illegally. This phenomenon violates the whole purpose of the unaccompanied child law, which was to combat human smuggling, not complete that conspiracy of smuggling by delivering the children into the hands of other illegal aliens.

Now we are going to shoulder the burden of schooling these kids. And what happens when they get older? We need not speculate. There’s a reason why Long Island and Maryland have had problems with gangs in schools since 2014. Several hundred thousand of these “children” have been placed in our communities, by no fault of the American taxpayer, and we are forced to pay for the noose to hang ourselves with. The drug cartels got the proceeds from the smuggling, used the UACs as drug mules, and in recent years have used these families as diversions while they bring in the drugs, gangs, and Middle Easterners.

Earlier this week, the Washington Examiner quoted from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan observing that the cartels “use families and children to tie up Border Patrol resources while they bring narcotics through an adjacent point of the border.” This is exactly why the drug crisis spiraled out of control beginning with the border surge in 2014. It echoes similar comments made to me by Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol Council, on how the Central Americans serve as the forward guard for drug smuggling.

Drug mules, most of whom are male, have been bringing in record levels of drugs, primarily in the Rio Grande Sector, the area responsible for the most Central American illegal migration of all non-border crossings. CBP has already seized more fentanyl in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2018 than all of 2017, which in itself saw a massive increase in importation of fentanyl and meth over previous years.

The real crisis at the border affects the safety of all Americans. The liberal media needs to report what’s really happening at the border for the policy decision made going forward will mostly affect the hardworking, taxpaying American residents.