The new Common Core is the same old thing: Government gone awry


President Obama’s No Child Left Behind successor — dubbed the Every Students Succeeds Act — glided through the House and Senate recently and is said to be the solution to the one-size-fits-all Common Core standards but is actually the latest liberal permutation of big-brother government education.

The Federalist has the details:

ESSA does nothing to protect students and parents from further federal mining of personal data. Through its regulatory powers, the Obama administration already has gutted federal student and family privacy protections, notes the APP analysis. Coupled with the ramping-up of psychosocial assessment, the prospects of federalized education are all the more troubling …

In addition, federal influence would creep ever closer to the toddler years with ESSA’s codification of federally designed preschool, starting at $250 million, almost certain to burgeon. This venture jibes with the mindset that government knows best in early childhood education, though extensive empirical evidence says otherwise.

The feds will fund, and therefore control, centers for reeducating parents in how to engage in their children’s education.

Federal government bureaucrats don’t know what’s best for our children and enacting evermore intrusive laws is a threat to the individual liberty we hold dear. Click here to get involved and help us fight big government!