The IRS and the five-year-long wait

For more than five years [1], the Albuquerque Tea Party has been waiting in regulatory limbo, waiting on the bureaucrats within Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It was December 2009 that the group submitted their application for tax-exempt status. It’s now January 2015, and still, they wait.

The Albuquerque Tea Party is yet another casualty in the IRS targeting scandal that rocked headlines in 2014. That scandal, in which IRS employees applied extra scrutiny to tea party groups, led to “lost” emails, Congressional hearings, potential cover-ups, and no shortage of questions on ethics and legality directed at the government agency and Obama Administration.

At best, the offending IRS employees were grossly incompetent. At worst, they knowingly conspired to break the law. The IRS, and former official Lois Lerner, have been highly uncooperative in ascertaining the truth, but it doesn’t make the Albuquerque group’s wait any less mystifying.

The IRS targeting scandal is far from over. And we’re pleased that Congressional lawmakers plan to investigate the matter further. Americans still deserve answers, and the IRS deserves some much-needed sunshine. What’s more, we at Tea Party Patriots won’t rest until we know that all of our affiliated groups have been treated fairly under the law, with their First Amendment rights honored and protected.