The Health Care Compact is Gaining Momentum


By Leo Linbeck III

Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC deeply disagree about what to do on health care. Republicans want to repeal and replace; Democrats want to fix Obamacare.

But amidst all of the partisan bickering and deadlock, both groups agree on one thing: Washington DC should decide for everyone.

And why not? Regulating 1/6th of the economy gives them enormous power; controlling more than $1 trillion a year in spending helps them make friends and punish enemies; and when it’s time for re-election, big insurance, pharma, hospital, and lobbyists become easy marks for donations to their campaign.

There is another way to fix health care: give states a way out of the centrally controlled system designed, built, and operated by Washington DC bureaucrats, lobbyists, and policy wonks.

It’s called the Health Care Compact. It is a grassroots-led, bottom-up reform that will allow the repeal of Obamacare on a state-by-state basis, cut up to $3.6 trillion out of federal spending over the next 10 years, and rebalance our system of federalism by allowing control over health care to move from the federal to the state level. And it is a strategy that can be replicated in other policy areas, from education to campaign finance.

This is not a drill; it is not a white paper idea; it is a real, live campaign that is gaining traction. The Health Care Compact has already passed a dozen state legislatures and been signed into law in nine states – including Kansas this week – and more states are coming. Rep. James Lankford of OK, chairman of the House a Republican Policy Committee, has introduced a bill – HJR 110 – that provides Congressional consent. And it is a program that can solve the biggest challenge facing conservatives on health care: how to bring together grassroots activists and establishment Republicans and be FOR something, rather than just against Obamacare.

I am excited to do a webinar next Thursday, May 1. On that webinar, I will cover the basics about the Health Care Compact – both the policy and the politics – and answer questions.

The Health Care Compact is gaining momentum. Join me on May Day to learn how you can make a difference in this revolution in health care governance.

Together, we can turn a Washington, D.C. failure into an America success.

Leo Linbeck III is CEO of Aquinas Companies LLC and faculty member at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Join us Thursday, May 1 at 7:30pm EDT for the Health Care Compact Webinar