The future depends on getting rid of Common Core


More and more states are rejecting[1] Common Core standards. From Indiana to Louisiana to South Carolina, many are realizing Common Core isn’t the best option for kids or educators. And just this week, the state of Oklahoma won a major state Supreme Court battle when its repeal of Common Core was upheld against a challenge from the National Association of State Boards of Educations (NASBE).

What these states are realizing, is that a top-down national approach to education standards benefits virtually no one at the state level. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin put it best when she said[2] that “federal overreach has tainted Common Core. … What should have been a bipartisan policy is now widely regarded as the president’s plan to establish federal control of curricula, testing and teaching strategies.”

We couldn’t agree more. Federal overreach into education is something conservatives have long been wary of. Proponents will argue that national standards like Common Core are the only way to lift America’s failing schools. They are wrong. Too much government interference in education always leads to misplaced priorities. If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s this: with government comes special interests; with special interests comes varying agendas. Along the way, our kids get lost.

Keeping education local is the best way to prevent failing schools. Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition among states. Let Oklahoma compete for the best schools in the nation! Or any state for that matter.

Instead of trying to homogenize our nation’s schools, the federal government should be get out of the way, let states pursue their own initiative, and stop rewarding failing schools and failing teachers. Enough is enough. Our future depends on it.