The Democrats’ assault on free speech

Eyeglasses with newspaper and coffee cup

Democrats in Washington have launched a dangerous assault against freedom of speech and the First Amendment, aimed at punishing those who dare to disagree with the current administration. As Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth writes in an op-ed at the Washington Examiner, this latest push is reminiscent of the U.S. after the passage of the Sedition Act in 1798.

Martin writes:

Given recent events, it appears Democrats are keen on recreating some of that oppression. In an accelerating campaign to silence the voices of those with whom they disagree, the administration of President Obama and members of his party in Congress have undertaken the most audacious effort in more than 200 years to squelch those who dare to disagree.

Martin then chronicles recent examples of Democrat-led efforts to restrict freedom of speech, including Senators attempting to intimidate private citizens from the Senate floor and a recently-proposed constitutional amendment to restrict political free speech.

She ends by saying:

These actions represent the biggest threat to free speech since the late 18th century, when Americans were arrested, fined and thrown into prison for the crime of disagreeing with their government. It is a hideous blot on U.S. history but the Obama administration and Senate Democrats are actively engaged in finding new ways to restrict our freedom of speech through executive fiat and rewriting the most important part of the Bill of Rights.

One senator has done remarkable work in standing up for the right to free speech. Sen. Ted Cruz has courageously defended the First Amendment, especially during the recent committee hearing on the proposed amendment to restrict free speech.

“I have more faith in the Bill of Rights than I do any elected official,” said Cruz during the hearing. We couldn’t agree more.

Read the rest of Martin’s op-ed here.