The Choice is Yours, Mr. President

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Senators Cruz and Lee, along with Congressman Meadows, are pushing lawmakers to delay Obamacare by funding the entire government except for the President’s unworkable law. Pushback from both sides of the establishment has been swift and severe. Over at Mediaite, the headline of one post focused on George Will saying the House is merely causing chaos with its effort to defund the law.

However, that’s not what Will said. In the article itself, context is provided (emphasis added):

“The fact is the president has the power, particularly when supported as this one is by the mainstream media, to set the narrative,” Will said. “The narrative will be that the Republicans have chosen simply to cause chaos. It’s a bad idea…”

The context of Will’s statement is critical – he believes the House cannot “govern” America because of bias by the mainstream media combined with the President’s bully pulpit. He has a point; which is why those of us who want the law delayed and defunded must get the message right.

The President and his Administration have provided activists with plenty of ammunition:

1) The law isn’t good enough for union allies.

2) It’s not good enough for big businesses.

3) It’s not good enough for Congress.

4) The CLASS Act – a major selling point of the law – has been repealed.

5) Over 1,000 waivers have been given to avoid aspects of the law.

6) It will increase unemployment.

7) It will increase taxation.

8) Training for the exchanges – which launch October 1 – is far behind schedule.

9) The IT infrastructure is far from operational..

10) Most Americans still think Obamacare is bad for America, nearly 3.5 years after it became law.

So the disastrous health care law doesn’t force those with special connections to adhere to it. But Average Joe and Jane American? The President and his bureaucracy say it’s good enough for them.

In a nation saturated with media, it’s critical that messaging is effective. Press releases, op-eds, radio and TV appearances, letters to the editor, town hall appearances, calls and e-mails to Congressional offices – every option must be employed. Remind Congress and the media that opponents of Obamacare don’t want to shut down the government. That’s not the goal. Every part of the government except Obamacare will be funded. The President is so ideologically attached to the law he’s threatening the American people with a government shutdown to preserve it.

Will did make one error that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) corrected him on:

You cannot govern this country from one-half of one of our three branches of government. Can’t be done.

As Rep. Gohmert pointed out, and Will later acknowledged, the House controls the purse of the federal government. Thus, with enough backbone, the House can indeed fund the entire federal government except for Obamacare, and send its Members home.

Then the Senate and President are left with a decision to make. They can pass and sign the Continuing Resolution into law, relieving the American people of the burdens of Obamacare for at least a year (or however long the CR lasts). Or, they can shut the government down over a law that by their own admission is cumbersome and not ready for implementation. The choice is yours, Mr. President.