The Border States of America

Eyeglasses with newspaper and coffee cup

by Jenny Beth Martin

The Rio Grande Valley in Texas is the breach point for the largest invasion of American territory since the British occupied and burned Washington, DC during the War of 1812.

I saw the effects of this invasion for myself earlier this year, spending time talking to local sheriffs and residents, hearing directly from those on the front lines, and learning first-hand about the problems on the southern border.

Local residents talk about the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into their cities over the last two years and how crimes against persons and property have spiked. They tell stories about the “Coyotes” – evil people smuggling human beings across the border for profit – who ply their trade with impunity, and local sheriffs explain that the drug cartels are now running the show on both sides of the border.

Few Americans have the opportunity to see what I saw along our border but it’s critically important for people to see the disastrous effects of the Obama Administration’s illegal immigration policy. The establishment media refuses to tell America the truth about illegal immigration so Tea Party Patriots made the investment of producing a soon-to-be-released documentary about the problem.

Illegal immigration is not just a problem for states that share a border with Mexico or Canada. Because of Obama’s lawless approach to illegal immigration, we ALL live in border states today.

The Border States of America, the new documentary from Tea Party Patriots, shows in graphic detail the problems caused by open borders and Obama’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws.

Crime. Drugs. Financial strains on our local schools and hospitals. Fewer jobs for American citizens. Terrorism. Contempt for the rule of law. Lawlessness from the very pinnacle of American government. This is the legacy of President Obama’s illegal immigration policy and it is absolutely imperative that every American see with their own eyes what’s going on along our border.

I was shocked by what I saw and The Border States of America will shock others once they see for themselves what our nation is facing. Here’s a preview of the film.


It’s critically important that you take a little time out of your busy lives to see this documentary. But there’s more you can do. As production on The Border States of America progresses, we’ll invite you and other Tea Party Patriots to host screenings of this important film in your home town – for your family, your friends and your neighbors. People need to see what’s happening on our border and you can help show them.

Stay tuned.