Thanks to ObamaCare, doctors are harder to find. Shocker!


Many doctors are cutting back on patients, leaving or retiring from their practices, and fewer people are going into medical school. A recent Association of Medical Colleges report shows that there will be a decline of up to 121,300 doctors within the next 12 years. A survey found that nearly two-thirds of doctors are burned out and/or depressed. Doctors are unable to take in new patients and at the same time are unable to get current patients in fast enough for an important checkup. These are all factors under ObamaCare. The medical community is struggling under the law’s mandates as much as patients and insurance companies.

Investor’s Business Daily has the story:

One of the big drivers of doctor exits, by the way, is the Obama administration’s “electronic health records” mandate, which was supposed to vastly improve the quality and efficiency of care.

It’s had the opposite effect. A Mayo Clinic survey found that the EHR mandate is reducing efficiency, increasing costs and paperwork hassles, and pushing more doctors to quit or retire early.

A Harris Poll found that 59% of doctors say the current EHR system foisted on them by the Obama administration needs “a complete overhaul,” and 40% say it imposes more challenges than benefits.

ObamaCare continued what had been a long and sorry trend in health care. Government-imposed rules designed to fix some problem in the system instead generated mountains of new administrative work.

The result has been that while the number of physicians in the country has climbed modestly over the past three decades, the number of health care administrators exploded.

A full repeal effort and a replacement with a free market approach is necessary to ensure that Americans get quality healthcare and doctors can treat people without mountains of administrative work. It’s time to make quality healthcare a priority before we lose more doctors to a law that should have never passed.