Tennessee governor opposes Obamacare state exchange

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On Monday, fantastic news came across the desk of Tea Party Patriots: Tennessee governor Bill Haslam has rejected the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges for his state.

As we discussed on this blog on Monday, there are only a few states that have yet to make a decision on how they will move forward with state exchanges. With 21 states having decided to force the inept and unprepared federal government to take responsibility for the exchanges, this is big news for activists and Obamacare alike. For activists, it’s a reason to keep up pressure on the remaining eight undecided states to not enact exchanges. For Obamacare, it’s another nail in the proverbial coffin.

Less welcome on Monday was the announcement that West Virginia will partner with the federal government for its exchange. However, this loss should not overshadow the great victory in Tennessee, especially since Tea Party activists have strongly influenced Governor Haslam’s decision. Via Breitbart:

The surprise decision was seen as a political victory for Tennessee tea party groups, which held a rally last week on the grounds of the State Capitol in Nashville to proclaim their opposition to the establishment of a health care exchange by the state.

In the last few weeks, both major parties and the media have tried to say the Tea Party is dead and gone. Our victory on Monday, and continued victories in other states regarding the exchanges, prove that the establishment is as clueless as ever.