Tell your rep to vote NO on the omnibus!

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Earlier today, the House narrowly passed a rule advancing the omnibus spending bill – which allows funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty –to a floor debate and eventual vote. Very narrowly; it passed with a 214-212 vote at the last minute.

Unfortunately, only a handful of conservatives voted against the measure, and that’s not good enough. 53 House Republicans voted to advance the bill allowing funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. If this horrible spending bill is going to fail – and it should – we need more conservatives to stand up and do the right thing.

We’re calling all our supporters to, in the next hour, call the 53 Republicans who voted for the rule and demand they vote “No” on the omnibus.

It’s a cop-out of epic proportions, and anyone who claims to be serious about limited government can’t possibly support it. It’s time to kill this bill before it goes any further.

To find out how you can get ahold of the 53 Republicans who voted to allow funding for Obama’s executive amnesty, click here: and tell them NO funding for Obama’s executive amnesty!