Tea Party Patriots short movie making waves


At CPAC, Tea Party Patriots unveiled its new short film, “A Movement On Fire.” Intended to explain to younger audiences how the federal government’s spending, regulations, and other actions are leading to a Hunger Games-like way of life for the American people, it has gone viral, attracting as of this writing nearly 60,000 views.

The video has made waves across the political spectrum. The Week ranked it 4th out of 10 on its list of Most Memorable Moments of CPAC 2013. Wonkette mocked it for an entire article. David Weigel at Slate.com wrote a brief blog post, as did Business Insider. Even MSNBC got in on it, writing a short article on the video.

Check out the short film below, and let us know what you think – is America headed towards the dystopian future described? How can we best prevent the arrival of such a future?