Tea Party Patriots Pleased and Grateful to the House Judiciary Committee for Holding a Second Hearing into Misconduct of IRS Commissioner and Call for a Vote of Impeachment

ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots CEO and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today after the House Judiciary Committee adjourned its second hearing into the misconduct of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.


“We are pleased and grateful that the House Judiciary Committee today held a second hearing into the misconduct of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. It is beyond clear that the Obama Administration has no interest in holding Commissioner Koskinen accountable for lying to Congress under oath and failing to comply with a subpoena, so the House is the only chance Americans have for accountability. Under President Obama, the IRS targeted American citizens for their political beliefs and, as head of one of the largest organizations that was targeted, I can personally attest to the devastating impact the targeting had on peoples’ lives. As former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy stated in his testimony at today’s hearing, we as citizens have little recourse against an out-of-control Obama Administration, but under the Constitution, Congress is empowered to serve as the check on the power of the executive branch. We call on the House Judiciary Committee and then the full House to vote to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and begin the process of ensuring those who enabled the IRS’ abuses of power are held accountable.”