Tea Party Patriots: Opposing amnesty, standing with American victims


Today, the Senate is conducting its final votes on the amnesty bill. That bill is likely to be rammed through the Senate by this evening, where it will move to the House. So far, the House is standing strong – but that doesn’t mean we can afford to let up.

Last week, National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin participated in a press conference with Remembrance Project, Senators who stand with you the people, and others. The full press conference, which can be seen here, is embedded below.


While Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and others highlighted the press conference in the eyes of the media, a non-profit dedicated to the memories of those killed by illegal aliens helped make the conference about the American people, not the politicians in Washington. See the Remembrance Project’s speakers here, and below.

If this bill passes the Senate, it will be against the will of the American people and against the patriots who participated in the press conference. We urge you to not let that happen!