Tea Party Patriots is still leading the fight for America

 It’s official – even MSNBC has recognized that Tea Party Patriots is taking the lead against Karl Rove’s failed reinvention of the establishment.

Despite his utter failure to garner results for Republicans or conservatives in 2012, even with millions of dollars at his disposal, Karl Rove (the man who got George Bush elected twice while all but destroying the Republican Party) launched a new group two weeks ago. According to Rove, this group will work to support “winnable” (read: establishment/moderate) candidates in tough primaries. In other words, Rove plans to crown whoever he thinks candidates should be without regard to who local citizens may want as their candidates.

Rove’s new group, Conservative Victory Project, is ostensibly designed to elect conservatives who can win. This despite his proven tendency to back establishment candidates who would merely continue business-as-usual in Washington.

Well, Tea Party Patriots is fighting back, complete with a brand-new PAC, so we can fight against the big spenders in both parties. Even MSNBC can’t deny our millions of members are leading the fight for the nation’s soul.

This is great news. Keep up the great fight, everyone. Thank you for all of your hard work.