Tea Party Patriots Details Priority Issues for Next Attorney General


Nominee Must Be Committed To Justice, Cleaning Up Eric Holder’s Messes


ATLANTA, GA – Today, Tea Party Patriots Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin laid out the 10 most important questions for the Senate to ask President Obama’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General when confirmation hearings begin.
“The next attorney general will have the unenviable task of cleaning up the messes created by his predecessor,” said Martin. “Eric Holder’s stewardship of this position was an absolute disgrace, and it’s critically important for the nation that whoever replaces him next year be committed to the administration of justice, not politics.”
Martin also reiterated the importance of the next attorney general being confirmed by a Senate that reflects the results of the upcoming midterm elections. “The American people deserve an attorney general who has been thoroughly vetted and voted upon by a Senate to which he or she will be accountable,” continued Martin. “It would be wrong for President Obama to hijack the confirmation process by trying to exploit a lame-duck session of the Senate. The next attorney general must be confirmed during the 114th Congress.”

Top 10 Questions For The Confirmation Hearing of The Next U.S. Attorney General

1-Will you cooperate fully with congressional investigators by releasing all requested documents relating to the Fast and Furious gun running operation?

2-Will you cooperate fully with congressional investigators in their efforts to learn about the role of the Department of Justice in the illegal surveillance of journalists and American private citizens?

3-Will you investigate Department of Justice official Brian Fallon for his attempt to obtain and leak to the news media select documents related to the congressional investigation of the intimidation of tea party groups by the Internal Revenue Service, and take appropriate action to hold Mr. Fallon accountable for his actions?

4-Will you advocate the appointment of a non-partisan special prosecutor to investigate the IRS’ intimidation campaign against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status?

5-Will you instruct the Department of Justice to enforce all federal laws, including those relating to immigration?

6-Will you specifically stop city governments from openly defying federal immigration laws by providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants, including cities that are proposing to allow illegal immigrants to vote?

7-Will you insist that any executive action regarding illegal immigrants currently in the United States conform to long-established laws, regulations, and procedures?

8-Will you cease and not initiate any legal action against states wishing to legally respond to criminal activities involving persons who have illegally entered the United States?

9-Will you cease and not initiate any legal action against any states wishing to legally require identification of persons wishing to cast a ballot in a federal or state election?

10-Will you offer and provide the full assistance and cooperation of the Department of Justice as the contempt of Congress action against Eric Holder proceeds?

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