Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin’s Speech at CPAC

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This morning, Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin opened the last day of CPAC’s speakers with a resounding condemnation of Obamacare, today’s stagnant economy, and the corruption and pocket-lining in Washington. Jenny Beth’s speech brought observers to their feet as she cheered them to stand up and fight against the establishment.

She also highlighted Tea Party successes across the nation in Wisconsin and Washington State, and how patriotic citizens around the nation and in Congress are taking back our country.

See the speech below.

Full text of speech as prepared for delivery:

Jenny Beth Martin Speech at CPAC 2013

Tea Party Patriots, Co-Founder and President

Picture this: college students in our country who are optimistic and look forward living the American Dream. After graduation, they pursue careers and begin make a life for themselves.  They become parents provide food and basic necessities for their children, save for the future, and have enough money for leisure activities and vacations. 

As they become senior citizens they know their retirement is backed by a sound, strong dollar. Their health care needs are met with the best quality health care on the planet. They are at peace knowing their life’s accomplishments will be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Imagine our country as the most charitable country on earth and those who are unable to take care of themselves, are uninsured, or have hit hard times due to unemployment, benefit from America’s charitable giving spirit.

Visualize a future where the economy is growing at a steady pace because entrepreneurs are investing, taking risks, innovating, building businesses, and employing millions of Americans propelling them up the economic ladder. This growth has led to balancing our government’s budget and we have a surplus that is being used to pay down the nation’s debt. Citizens know that growth and opportunity abound. They are confident and proud of their country.

This is the future that Tea Party Patriots envisions for America:  a constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government where free markets thrive.

And for this vision, we have been marginalized, mocked, and maligned by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Republican elite establishment by Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They are contemptuous of our vision, which is distinctly different from reality today.   

Our country is nearly $17 trillion in debt and headed to bankruptcy. Last quarter our gross domestic product shrunk while Wall Street boomed.

7 of the 10 wealthiest American counties are right here in the Boomtown Metro Washington DC where crony, corruptive deals are standard operating procedure. Much like the capitol and district 1 in the Hunger Games.

Yet the heartland has double-digit unemployment. Homeowners are trapped in their houses unable to move to areas with greater opportunity.

When Obamacare is fully enacted 8 million people will lose their current health insurance, 30 million people will still be uninsured and the cheapest plan for a family will be $20,000 per year.

Studies show Medicaid surgical patients are far more likely to die than those who have no health insurance at all.  Yet, Medicaid expansion is how the government plans to implement Obamacare.  The so-called Affordable Care Act is a con; in reality it is unaffordable, callous, and cruel. Our equivalent to the Hunger Games tributes will be the patients who die as a result of this law.

Most of our elected officials do not want to address or perhaps they do not even know how to solve our country’s problems.

The establishment are content to attend cocktail parties, clink glasses toasting one another while lining the pockets of their K-Street and Wall Street Friends.

The contrast is clear.

Is this the America you want?  Do you want representatives who sit back clinking glasses while Americans suffer?  

Or do you foresee a better future? 

Do you want fighters who stand on principle defending freedom?

Our constitution is worth fighting for because freedom is worth fighting for!

Our principles are worth fighting for because our principles will create a better future for all Americans.

Tea Party Patriots want principled fighters!

At CPAC 32 years ago President Reagan attributed his victory to “a set of principles, principles that were protected and nourished by a few unselfish Americans through many grim and heartbreaking defeats.” 

The reality today is grim and heartbreaking.

But, we have so many reasons to be encouraged because of the unselfish Americans who are protecting and nourishing our principles.

Examples like Sen. Rand Paul and Congressman Louie Gohmert and the few steadfast, stalwart principled fighters on Capitol Hill.

And examples of unselfish patriots from around the country like: our coordinators in Wisconsin who have been on the frontlines fighting the left’s assault. Michael Hintze, Joanne Terry, and Kim Simac helped coordinate our efforts to protect representative democracy in their state as Gov. Scott Walker stood and acted on principle.

One patriot stood at a town hall and questioned President Obama challenging his demonization of the tea party.  It is not a surprise that this principled fighter, Ryan Rhodes, is from Iowa.  Another Iowan, Congressman Steve King, challenges President Obama and Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill defending the tea party and for this Karl Rove threatened to primary him.

Tea Party Patriots gave Cindy Pugh the nickname Sunshine Cindy because she is one of the happiest, most cheerful patriots we know.   Congresswoman Michele Bachmann inspired this mother of 2 to stand for principle and run for elected office. Now Cindy is a state rep fighting for freedom in MN. 

Woody Hertzog organized a grassroots tea party coalition in the unlikely, deep blue state of Washington. They went door to door talking about taxes and government spending and flipped the state senate to a fiscally responsible majority caucus. 

Will the torch of liberty, the Constitution, and our country perish or endure?

If we stand and speak up for our principles, if we show Americans our vision, if we fight for freedom our country will endure.

Will you clink glasses and rub shoulders with the powerful elite? 

Will you blink in the face of opposition?

Or will you stand and fight boldly on principle?

Patriots stand with us for freedom!

 Stand with us for the constitution!

Fight with us for the rights endowed by our creator:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Fight for a better future!

Like Ronald Reagan did!

Like Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Scott Walker.

Like Tea Party Patriots across the country do – every day!!

When you stand up and fight for our values, we will have your back. When the principled fighters on Capitol Hill stand up and fight, together we will have their back.  We will stand with those who fight with us. 

Liberty will endure and our country will flourish as a result.

This fight has only just begun.

Take up the torch! Fight for Freedom! Fight for a better future for all Americans!