Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund’s Martin on Threats to Obamas, Clintons, and CNN: “Violence has no place in American Politics”


Atlanta, GA — Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, condemning those who have chosen to send explosive devises to political leaders and news media.

“Violence and the threat of violence have no place in American politics. We are proud to live in a country whose founding documents recognize our rights to peaceful protest and to speak our minds freely. It is precisely because of those rights that we live in a country where our political differences are settled with ballots and not bullets. Because we believe in exercising our rights peacefully, we condemn in the strongest possible language those who have chosen to send explosive devices to the homes and offices of political leaders and news media. We urge the appropriate law enforcement authorities to conduct thorough and swift investigations to determine who is responsible for these actions, and we urge they be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”


URL: https://www.teapartypatriots.org/news/tea-party-patriots-citizens-funds-martin-on-threats-to-obamas-clintons-and-cnn-violence-has-no-place-in-american-politics/