Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Thanks Sen. McConnell for “Step in the Right Direction,” Calls on Him to Keep Senate in DC this Weekend


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, reacting to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s announcement he is canceling part of the August recess.

“Thank you, Senator McConnell—your decision to cancel most of the August recess is a step in the right direction. We cannot continue to allow Congress to wait until our government is nearing another shutdown to present a 2,000 page bill and then give lawmakers a ‘choice’ of shutting down the government or passing a bill no one has read. That pattern has only led to irresponsible lawmaking—passing $2 trillion bills that no one has time to fully comprehend. With Democrats abusing the rules of the Senate to force virtually every single one of President Trump’s nominees into 30 hours of debate before getting a vote, we need our senators present in the Capitol. To prove that you are serious about stopping the Democrats’ obstruction and getting the peoples’ work done properly, you should also keep the Senate in Washington, DC through this weekend to vote on the president’s nominees, and start working full five-day workweeks, as most workers in America do.”