Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund leads conservative coalition requesting audit of CFPB


February 1, 2018


The Honorable Mick Mulvaney

Acting Director

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

1700 G St. N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20552


Dear Acting Director Mulvaney:


We write today to ask you to conduct a full and thorough audit of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) finances and to report those findings as expeditiously as possible to the American people so that we can all have a better understanding of how the CFPB has spent and wasted taxpayer dollars since its inception. The recent and disturbing reports of the exorbitant cost overruns associated with the renovation of the CFPB’s Washington, D.C. headquarters has made this call ever more urgent.


The CFPB was created with the intent to protect American consumers from abusive financial practices and to also give them the tools and resources to help them become more informed and financially capable. However, as you are quickly finding out, this agency has been nothing more than a political slush fund used by former Director Richard Cordray to advance and reward left-wing partisan groups and causes and to promote his run for Ohio governor.


It has been well documented that the CFPB has used the money it collects from civil penalties leveled against financial institutions to bankroll left-wing activist groups. On this point, we would like to get an accounting of all the groups that have received these funds. In addition to the lavish spending on its agency headquarters, it was reported last year by former CFPB enforcement attorney, Ronald Rubin, that the CFPB awarded $43 million to an advertising firm that did work for the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Since coming on board as Acting Director, you have done an exceptional job of starting to expose and uproot the cesspool of corruption that exists inside the CFPB. As you continue to work to reign in the agency’s wasteful spending, we ask that as part of your mission to restore government accountability and transparency in this area, you report your findings in its entirety so that we can shine a bright light on this egregious and crony behavior in hopes that it never happens again.



Jenny Beth Martin


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund


Adam Brandon




Steve Forbes

Honorary Chairman

Americans for Hope, Growth, & Opportunity


Grover Norquist


Americans for Tax Reform          


Lisa B. Nelson


American Legislative Exchange Council


Jim DeMint

Former-United States Senator


The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell

Former-Secretary of State

State of Ohio


Rick Manning


Americans for Limited Government


Morton Blackwell


The Weyrich Lunch


Phil Kerpen


American Commitment


Colin Hanna


Let Freedom Ring


Ed Corrigan

Former-Executive Director

US Senate Steering Committee


Richard Viguerie




Steven J. Buri


Discovery Institute


Dr. Christopher C. Hull

Executive Vice President

Center for Security Policy


Ron Robinson


Young America’s Foundation


Ashley Varner

Executive Director

ALEC Action


Col. Francis X. De Luca


Civitas Institute


Seton Motley


Less Government


C. Preston Noell III


Traditional, Family, Property, Inc.


Randal Clark


Axia Technologies


Norman Singleton


Campaign for Liberty


Wesley Denton

Communications Strategist


George Rasley

Managing Editor



Rachel Bovard

Former-Policy Director

US Senate Steering Committee


Felix Bronstein