Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Launches The Tax Reform Coalition With FreedomWorks


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin, along with FreedomWorks, announced the launch of The Tax Reform Coalition, comprised of conservative grassroots organizations and community leaders supporting President Trump’s and Republicans’ efforts to reform our tax code. The coalition is actively recruiting grassroots groups and individuals nationally and based locally to create a large army of activists committed to taking concrete actions to support the passage of a tax reform package that makes the tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer. The coalition set up a website at www.taxreformcoalition.com in order to gather pledges from activists committed to supporting the tax reform push by President Trump and Republicans in Congress and display names and locations of activists who have taken the pledge.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with FreedomWorks in forging a nationwide coalition of groups and activists who are committed to taking action to pass a tax reform package that makes our tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer,” said Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin. “Our tax code is now more than 75,000 pages long, and the IRS has more than 2,000 forms and instructions related to tax code compliance. Every year, Americans spend more than 6 BILLION hours preparing their returns and spend more than $400 BILLION in order to make sure they are compliant with the code, which is money not spent on more productive uses. The complicated and bloated tax code also makes American companies less competitive in international markets, while also slowing down job and wage growth.”

Martin continued: “In the coming days and weeks, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our partners will be working to recruit more groups around the country to join our coalition and expand the number of grassroots activists taking meaningful action to spur Congress to pass sweeping reforms. These reforms must allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and unburden families and small businesses from a needlessly complex code that costs time and money in order to comply. We hope conservative activists around the country will visit www.taxreformcoalition.com and pledge to become a member of our coalition and join us in pushing this Congress to finally pass a transformative reform that will improve our lives into law for President Trump to sign. President Trump has shown that he is committed to keeping the promises he makes to the American people, but it is clear that this Congress will not feel compelled to keep their promises until and unless they hear how important tax reform is to Americans from every part of our country.”

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon said, “It has been more than 30 years since Congress overhauled the tax code. Since then, special interests have gotten carve-outs that rig the economy for the politically connected. The framework hammered out between the White House and Congress matches our principles for tax reform. It consolidates and lowers tax rates, simplifies the tax code, reforms business taxes, and lowers the tax rate for small businesses. This is a generational opportunity and an all-hands-on-deck effort. We’re pleased to join our friends, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, in this coalition. We urge fiscal conservatives to join us and
help seize this moment to fundamentally reform the tax code, grow our economy, and to create opportunity for all Americans.”

As part of the coalition efforts, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has put together an activist toolkit in order to provide facts about what a mess the current tax code is and what the proposed tax reform plan will do to improve people’s lives and lay out different action items activists can take in order to advance the cause of tax reform. The toolkit helpfully lists different action items – like letters to the editor or Congress, tweets and Facebook posts and signing a petition supporting tax reform – and provides activists with time estimates for how long each requested action would take to complete, making it simple for activists to make meaningful contributions to the effort within their own personal schedules.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, FreedomWorks and other coalition members will also hold house parties to talk with friends and neighbors about how tax reform would improve our lives and sign wavings in communities across the country to raise awareness of the tax reform push and visits to Congressional offices to put pressure on Members of Congress, in addition to other actions in support of tax reform.

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URL: https://www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com/tea-party-patriots-citizens-fund-launches-the-tax-reform-coalition-with-freedomworks/