Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Commends Rep. Sanford for Introducing the Penny Plan in the House of Representatives

Yellow Card Initiative-2

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, praising Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) for introducing a bill in the House that would codify the Penny Plan. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is a longtime supporter of the Penny Plan and has included it in their Yellow Card agenda for the American people.

“Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our millions of grassroots supporters across the country commend Rep. Mark Sanford and his original co-sponsors for introducing the Penny Plan in the House of Representatives. We have long supported the Penny Plan – which would balance our budget in five years by cutting one penny out of every dollar spent by the government each year and holding spending at 18 percent of GDP – as part of our Yellow Card agenda and believe it is the best plan to balance our budget and erase our ever-expanding debt. We call on Congress to pass Rep. Sanford’s Penny Plan bill so President Trump can sign a law that will ensure our children and grandchildren have a debt-free future.”