Tea Party Patriots Action Supports Efforts to Impeach Deputy AG Rosenstein


ATLANTA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin, responding to news that members of House Republican “leadership” have been pressuring conservatives in the House to abandon the impeachment resolution targeting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his refusal to respond to legitimate document requests that would allow Congress to appropriately conduct its oversight function, today released the following statement:

“Today’s action by the House Republican so-called ‘leadership’ to pressure conservatives in the House of Representatives to abandon the impeachment efforts targeting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is proof positive that we need a wholesale change at the top. That’s why we’re supporting Jim Jordan for Speaker.

“Speaker Ryan and those who support him fail to understand the depth of the resentment among the grassroots against Deep State bureaucrats who act as if they believe they know better, and, therefore, act with impunity. Despite what the ‘leadership’ team suggests, no contempt of Congress citation will prod Rosenstein to action – all he has to do is look at recent examples of bad actors who were slapped with contempt of Congress citations. Eric Holder never suffered any negative consequences, and is now padding his bank account even as he plots a run for president, and Lois Lerner retired with full benefits and now enjoys her garden. For Rosenstein, a contempt of Congress citation would be nothing more than artwork to be framed and hung on his office wall in a place of honor.

“On behalf of millions of grassroots activists – many of whom worked their tails off to give Republicans the majorities they now enjoy in the House and the Senate, and Speaker Ryan the perks he now enjoys – I say, enough is enough. Instead of pressuring your own Members to back off, you should be pressuring Rosenstein to hand over the requested documents. Instead of siding with the Deep State, you should be siding with your own team. Instead of working to cover for an illegitimate attack on the president, you should be holding FBI and DOJ bureaucrats to account.”