Tea Party Patriots’ 2018 New Year’s Resolutions


This was a great year for Tea Party Patriots and our supporters — but we’re not done yet! While others will hit the gym, read more books or make better choices coming into the new year, we created our own list of resolutions to accomplish the American Dream and to keep that Dream alive for our children and grandchildren.

Here are our New Year’s resolution for 2018:

Repeal the rest of ObamaCare

After removing the individual mandate that was shackling Americans to terrible health care, it’s time to repeal the rest of the law!

End the Iran Nuclear Deal once and for all

The Iran Nuclear Deal endangers our national security and emboldens a rogue state. Imposing sanctions on Iran and nations that do business with Iran would not only punish Iran for its noncompliance, it will force other countries to choose between trading in the $19T US economy or the puny $400B Iranian economy. Add your signature to urge Congress to end the deal once and for all by imposing sanctions on Iran and any nation that continues to do business with Iran.

Pass a plan to balance our budget and end our national debt

For all the fantastic achievements over the last year, our country remains over $20 TRILLION in debt – a burden that would be passed on to future generations if we fail to swiftly address the problem. Our organization has endorsed the Penny Plan – which would balance our budget in five years and reduce federal spending by $7.5 TRILLION over the next decade if we cut a single penny out of every dollar of federal spending, including interest payments and capped spending at 18% of GDP from then on. Families make responsible decisions like this every day, there is no reason why Washington can’t do the same. Learn more about our crushing national debt and how the Penny Plan can help balance our budget and cut into the debt.

Become the #1 nation in innovation once again

Over the past decade, many of the Obama administration’s policies eroded our patent protections and the laws and safeguards in place to protect intellectual property. It’s time to reverse course and re-establish our position as the world’s leader in protecting intellectual property and creating world-class inventions. Please sign the petition to let President Trump know we hope he will make America great again by advancing policies that protect intellectual property and would be America the leader in innovation once again.

Put an end to Senate gridlock slowing Pres. Trump’s nominees

In recent years, the Senate’s antiquated debate rules have been used not to better inform debate, or more constructively to fashion legislation, but instead merely to obstruct a legislative agenda opposed by the Democratic minority. Sign the petition to urge the Senate to update its debate rules, which liberals have abused to obstruct the confirmation of President Trump’s  executive and judicial nominees.

Protect our borders

The former administration was laxed on immigration laws, encouraging of sanctuary cities and flat-out allowing criminal illegals to walk free endangering the lives of Americans. Sign our petition to encourage President Trump to keep his promise to protect our borders and to implement a comprehensive biographic entry/exit visa tracking system.

We have a lot of work to do in 2018 and, with your help, we can accomplish our goals of making America great again!