Tea Party leader: IRS scandal not “phony”


Last week, President Obama launched a series of economic speeches intended to draw attention to his alleged vision for the nation. In those speeches, he brushed off the series of scandals that have marred his Administration for the last year. While they weren’t named, one can easily theorize he meant the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS scandal, the NSA spying, and Fast & Furious.

Three speeches were made last week by the President, and all three involved him calling any and all scandals “phony.” Consider:

Wednesday’s speech:

“But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball.  And I am here to say this needs to stop.”


“The point is, with an endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals and lord knows what, Washington keeps taking its eye off the ball.  And that needs to stop.”

And on Saturday:

“But we now have to get back and focus on what’s important.  An endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals can’t get in the way of what we need to do.”

This fake fight attack is being pushed, by the President’s staff as well:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president’s speech on the economy Wednesday would be a chance for the White House to get away from “phony scandals” being pushed in Washington.

“The president will go back to Galesburg, Ill., today to deliver a speech about where we need to move the economy, what we should be focusing on here in Washington. And it shouldn’t be on the skirmishes that cause gridlock, it shouldn’t be on the phony scandals that have consumed so much attention here, all to come to naught,” Carney said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

While much of the mainstream media jumped on the chance to minimize these scandals by touting the President’s words, Richmond Tea Party Director Larry Nordvig took the chance to call out the President on Friday’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren”:

I say that’s a slap in the face…these scandals are not phony….I think this is an orchestrated talking point.

Over the next several minutes, Nordvig articulately rebutted President Obama’s claim of “phony” scandals. He pointed out how the IRS took 2.5 years to approve his organization, including questions that were “intrusive…that were illegal, unconstitutional…”

Nordvig also mentioned Benghazi and Fast & Furious, pointing out that people died in those scandals. “For him to call that phony, ask the families of Benghazi victims if this is phony.”

When asked what the President could do to “redeem himself,” Nordvig wasted no words:

Yeah, he could step down. He could resign right now.

Nordvig’s final comments were excellent – Greta asked him whether disagreements with the President were more about tactics, meaning that we can have fair, honest debates in America even if we disagree on policy. He shot that down in no uncertain terms:

I think we’re talking about a fundamental problem, Greta. By ‘fundamental,’ I mean he believes in principles the Founding Fathers never intended. That’s why we come up with bad policies like targeting through the IRS, using the government as a political weapon. That’s how we come up with a failed program like Obamacare. Because he fundamentally doesn’t understand what this country is supposed to be.

Nordvig is exactly right – President Obama needs to realize government shouldn’t be a political weapon; its purpose is to secure the rights of her citizens, so they can govern their own lives. Just because the President says a scandal is phony does not mean it is, as Stephen Hayes pointed out. Hayes also noted President Obama used to think scandals were serious.

All of this leads to one conclusion: Decrying scandals as “phony” is an orchestrated attempt to convince millions of Americans their concerns surrounding this Administration are invalid. Thanks to Larry Nordvig and other activists for standing up against President Obama and his allies, and for standing with the American people and the Constitution.