Tea Party from Hawaii Speaks out on IRS Intimidation Before Congress

You’ve heard it before – a Tea Party group faced pressure and harassment from the IRS. Non-profit status was delayed, and costs were incurred defending themselves on phantom accusations. The effectiveness of the group was diminished.

Such was the story of TEA Party Maui until May 22, 2013. Then, in tandem with other Tea Party leaders and in coordination with Tea Party Patriots, John Kerr and Bill Doyle shared their experience with the House Oversight Committee and individual Members of Congress. As Bill highlighted in his gripping description of their Capitol Hill visit – in TEA Party Maui’s newsletter, The Pono Press – they fought tornado delays, lack of sleep, and the Beltway’s long weekends to make sure their story was heard.

This is why the Tea Party continues to be a force in American politics, despite pressure from politicians, the media, and bureaucrats – people like Bill and John. American patriots who are willing to stand up against corruption and illegal actions. Patriots willing and able to skip work, take time from their families and friends, and travel thousands of miles to save their country.

Thank you, John and Bill. Thank you for epitomizing why all patriots have hope that the future of America is brighter than the one the Beltway is bringing us.

We hope everyone will join Tea Party Patriots as we continue bringing voices of other Tea Party leaders to Washington as part of our Audit the IRS Rally next week!