Supply and Demand Trump Obamacare


With the President delaying provisions of Obamacare that are politically expedient, it’s clear the rule of law means increasingly less to this Administration. However, there’s one law even they can’t get around – supply and demand, as one local insurer pointed out (h/t to Weekly Standard):

According to the insurer who was interviewed, artificially forcing more people into a market drives prices higher. This is only a surprise to those who think government distortions of markets have no side effects. For the rest of us, we saw this coming years ago.

Townhall’s Guy Benson has more on the impact of Obamacare, including how prices are not going to go down for families like President Obama claimed. He also points out the complete bias of the newsreader who tried to downplay the local insurer’s fact-based, market-oriented assessment of his industry.

This might be a good video to use as a reference for your Congressman’s or Senator’s next town hall meeting – ask them what they think when experts in the field say prices are going up. See what they say.