Stop the FEC from going after free speech on the internet!


Liberals in Washington are once again, launching an all-out assault on the First Amendment protection to free speech. Apparently, free speech is allowed as long as it’s not about politics.

Ann Ravel, Democrat Vice Chair at the Federal Election Commission (FEC), is spearheading an effort to make political commentary on sites like YouTube, subject to regulatory oversight. The proposal was quietly introduced in October, but now is the time to publicly fight back.

We’re calling on ALL Patriots to file an official comment with the FEC on the proposed rule, and let the Feds know they need to keep their hands off our internet! You can click here to find out how to submit your comment. We have until January 15, 2015, to make our voices heard.

Under current law, free political videos on the internet are not regulated – only paid advertisements are. Ravel and her liberal allies want to change that.

It wouldn’t be a typical day in Washington unless a Democrat somewhere was devising a scheme to reign in the First Amendment. But this effort is beyond the pale. Free speech is free speech – whether it’s on a blog, on YouTube, or in the public square.

The problem for Ravel seems to come from the thought that an organization might say, post a politically-oriented video on YouTube, for free, and not have it regulated by FEC guidelines.

The horror!

This is a thinly-veiled attempt at regulating opposing political speech out of existence. It’s about silencing the other side, and it won’t work. We’re here to make sure of that.