Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty!

When it comes time to vote, the House of Representatives needs to reject any measure that gives President Obama his desired border bailout without ending his executive amnesty. It’s time for conservatives to send a clear message to the White House: overstepping executive authority has consequences. There’s never been a better time to act.

Thanks to the overwhelming vocal opposition [1] conservative grassroots have shown this week, the vote has been put off – for now. But it’s no time to rest. We’re calling on all patriots to keep calling their representatives until the House immigration bill is stopped in its tracks. Visit to find out how you can help influence the debate in Washington in the days to come, and put a stop to amnesty.

President Obama cannot decree policy from the Oval Office. His unilateral executive order that granted amnesty for immigrant minors enacted policy that Congress rejected. That needs to be reversed before Congress approves this most recent request.

The reality is that Obama’s executive order on amnesty is what is causing this latest influx of illegal immigrants across our southern border. At the very least, the message to minors in Central America was that if you come to the U.S. young enough, you can plan on staying without fear of deportation. But that’s not what this country’s immigration policy should be based on. Call your representative and tell them to vote NO on the House bill and put a stop to the president illegal executive amnesty.