SOTU same old, same old


Tonight, President Obama will stand before a joint session of Congress and deliver his sixth State of the Union. It’s a fact that the president will call for higher taxes [1] on the wealthy under the guise of expanding tax breaks for low- and middle-class families. But it’s also a fact that his ideological calls for higher taxes should, and will be a non-starter in the GOP-controlled Congress.

Here’s the thing, though. According to the Washington Examiner [2], President Obama has proposed higher taxes in every single State of the Union address since taking the Oval Office. In 2014, it was closing tax loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy. Same thing in 2013.

In 2012, he proposed lowering deductions for companies that might outsource jobs overseas. In 2011, President Obama talked about the need to address the deficit by cutting spending, including “spending through tax breaks and loopholes.”

In 2010, the address was all about selling Obamacare, which we all know, turned out to be nothing more than one massive tax increase. Finally, 2009 saw the, for the first time, Obama’s liberal swan song about closing tax breaks for the wealthy.

Noticing a pattern?

Instead of proposing actual, workable policy ideas, President Obama year after year, reverts to his hackneyed calls for higher taxes. Well, we’ve got news for the president. The American people spoke loud and clear last November, and they overwhelmingly voted in favor of smaller government. They last thing they want, or need, is a tax increase.

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