Social Security Administration Spends Astounding $32 Million in Taxpayer Funds on Conferences

The Social Security Administration spent an astounding $32 million of taxpayer money on conferences, according to an audit compiled by the agency’s own Office of the Inspector General. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Social Security Administration spent in excess of $100,000 on more than 300 conferences to cover expenses like travel, lodging, and meals.

The Free Beacon points out that the agency spent large sums on “guest speakers” as well:

“On average, in [fiscal years] 2013 through 2016, SSA spent $742 per attendee on conferences,” the inspector general said…”Conferences with guest speaker expenses ranged from $2,500 to about $255,000,” the inspector general said.

Enough is enough! Our country is almost $20 TRILLION in debt and federal agencies are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on conferences – we need to commit to the Penny Plan to cut the frivolous spending so we can balance our budget in 5 years!