Senate Republicans are caving…again

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Senate Republicans have begun their cave on amnesty. Instead of standing strong and fighting Obama’s executive amnesty, and passing the House-approved DHS funding bill, Senator Mitch McConnell has floated a stand-alone bill. McConnell’s plan would gut any efforts to roll back the president’s lawlessness.

As reported in Conservative Review [1]:

It would leave in place the previous executive amnesty from 2012, DACA.  What Senate Leadership won’t tell you is that the standalone bill is designed to fail. Democrats will block the bill and then Senate Republicans will move either a long-term bill to fully fund Obama’s executive amnesty and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or only a short-term bill to fund Obama’s executive amnesty and DHS. Both are unacceptable options to conservatives. –

The liberal media and liberal Republicans would like for you to believe that they only have two options: get blamed for a partial “shutdown” of DHS or punt the attempt to stop Obama’s executive amnesty to a later date with a short-term bill. However, at this point if liberal Republicans keep funding it one has to ask “at what point does it become a bipartisan amnesty?”

Don’t punt. Republican Leadership should at least have the fortitude to admit they were dishonest with the American people in December. Don’t lie to the American people again and say in a few months time that Republicans will stop the president.

Want to read more on Republican cowardice in the Senate? The Conservative Review has got you covered [2].