Republicans are pushing back against liberals intent on stifling free speech

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The fuel and spirit to fight on the right is coming from many corners following the liberal attack to silence Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

After the news broke that a couple of Hannity’s advertisers were pulling their content from Hannity’s show, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin sprang into action, asking thousands of members to call both and USAA.

PoliZette has the commentary:

“A new attack on our First Amendment rights is happening right now, and we must engage!” she wrote. “The far Left has lost its mind in the wake of President Donald Trump’s historic victory, and they are lashing out in an attempt to undermine his presidency and silence his allies … Now the deranged Left is trying to silence Fox News host Sean Hannity because he refuses to join the mainstream media pack singularly focused on tearing down President Trump … Two of Sean’s sponsors, and USAA, have already pulled their advertisements from his show under pressure from deranged liberals — we MUST FIGHT BACK!”

Martin says more than 500 Tea Party Patriots emailed back that they’d called one or          both of the companies, and some wrote that they’d canceled their insurance policies with USAA.

USAA at first said in a statement that it was withdrawing advertising from Hannity because its policy is not to advertise on opinion shows. But it was quickly pointed out that the company advertises on several other opinion shows, including on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. On Tuesday, the company relented, and reinstated advertising on Hannity’s show and on other shows as well.

Other conservative-activist groups have continued to leap up and join the fight to defend Hannity and join the fight against liberals’ many character assassinations that continue to saturate American media and unjustly tarnish conservatives’ character. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots continue to push back against the smear tactics from the left!