Rep. Andy Biggs: ‘I will not take a subsidy that is not afforded to my constituents’


Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is among several conservative lawmakers that refuses to give up on the Obamacare fight and thinks President Trump should cancel lawmakers’ ‘royal Obamacare treatment’ to help serve as motivation for lawmakers to fulfill the GOP’s  campaign promise.

The Hill has the details:

“President Trump is right: the subsidies must be eliminated to incentivize Members of Congress to keep their promise and repeal Obamacare. Only then, will the American people — and their Representatives — see a return to affordable health care premiums,” Biggs said in a statement.

If Trump were to follow through on his threat, at least one lawmaker wouldn’t be affected: Biggs, a freshman and member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, says he does not accept the subsidy to pay for his health insurance.

“I would like to request that the government’s automatic contribution to my healthcare be returned to the Treasury in the amount of the government contribution. Please take the appropriate amount from my paycheck each month,” Biggs wrote in the letter, a copy of which was provided to The Hill.

American people continue to suffer under Obamacare while the politicians they elected bask in ‘special Obamacare treatment’ unharmed and unaware. It is time to put an end to their special exemption and force them to live under the law as it was enacted. Maybe then they will finally obtain the conviction to fulfill their promise to repeal Obamacare! Click here to sign a petition that will force Congress, their staffers and their families under the law!