Release of criminal illegal immigrants put Americans in harm’s way


The Department of Homeland Security has illegally released thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S., and more than 600 of them were convicted criminals.

A new report [1] from the inspector general for DHS reveals that in the run-up to 2013 budget cuts due to sequestration, the Obama Administration decided to cut costs by releasing a whole lot of illegal immigrants. And now, it appears the Administration actually broke the law when it released all those illegal immigrants.

During the three weeks leading up to sequestration, in fact, the federal government released 2,226 illegal immigrants. Of those, 1,450 were released the last weekend before sequestration went into effect. Cities hit with the most released illegal immigrant convicts included Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago.

The debacle didn’t just stop with the release, though. Over at The Daily Signal, Sharyl Attkisson details [2] how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave misleading information to Congress and the media, and the agency still has not resolved budget and detention problems.

ICE officials seem to be blaming the mass immigrant release on pressure they felt from Washington’s budget sequestration and lack of detention space. None of their excuses pass muster.

ICE’s actions only illustrate the sorry state of our nation’s immigration policies. As Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn noted, “this report provides more evidence that our nation’s immigration laws are being flagrantly disregarded.”

Our federal government is supposed to protect us from criminals – not disregard the law to allow them to live among us.