Public approval of Obamacare shrinking

Obamacare saw another dip in its favorability ratings as 45 percent of Americans in November had an unfavorable view of President Obama’s signature law – a dip fueled in part by Americans’ contempt for the so-called “Cadillac tax,” set to be applied to more expensive employer-sponsored health-insurance plans in 2018.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

About 45 percent of the public had an unfavorable view of the healthcare law in November, up from 42 percent a month earlier. Those with a favorable view of the law fell to 38 percent, from 42 percent in October.

Kaiser asked people with employer-sponsored insurance whether their wages will go up when the tax goes into effect in 2018. Kaiser noted that some people have said employers will pay higher wages in exchange for lowering health benefits.

But workers are largely not buying it, as 76 percent of those surveyed didn’t think employers would raise wages. About 20 percent believe they will get a raise and 5 percent didn’t know.

Obamacare is clearly not working, as employers will be forced to eliminate health insurance from their benefits package entirely or ask employees to shoulder the extra burdens Obamacare will inevitably place on employers. It’s time to stop this disastrous health-insurance law. Click here to get involved in our Yellow Card Project and help us repeal Obamacare before it does any more damage to our economy.