Prominent Obamacare supporter: “So far, this has been a big failure”


Yesterday, Tea Party Patriots called out Obamacare cheerleader Paul Krugman for substituting ideology for reality. Today, we are pleased to report that, via National Review Online, Obamacare supporter Ezra Klein is not wearing the same rose-colored eyewear as Krugman.

“We’re a couple of weeks in and people can’t sign up, people have tried 20, 30, 40 times,” Klein said on Morning Joe on Monday. “It’s one thing for that to be true the first three or four days, it’s another thing for it to be true two or three weeks in.”

“One of the Obama administration’s jobs, separate from all of the political stuff we talk about here, is to simply run things like this well, to run their signature legislative initiative well,” he continued. “On that, so far, this has been a big failure.”

Klein agrees it’s the job of an Administration to run agencies and programs well. With Obamacare, the President’s signature law, things are falling apart before any major benefits arrive, such as coverage.

It is refreshing to see someone in the mainstream media admit what the rest of the nation has known since October 1 –Obamacare isn’t working. Perhaps Klein could convince Krugman of this reality.