Profiles in Cowardice: A Lame-Duck Session for Amnesty


Elites in Washington – from insulated CEOs to liberal lawmakers –are now suggesting Congress sneak through amnesty legislation after the November elections. Once lawmakers know their days are numbered and they don’t have to face the people, they won’t be so shy about voting in favor of amnesty for those who break our laws entering the country.

It’s a slick maneuver but we’re not buying it. Waiting to vote on amnesty until after the elections is a craven profile in cowardice.

Rep. Steve King was warning[1] about a lame-duck push back in March. Democrats even considered[2] it in 2010. The fact remains that most American’s don’t favor rewarding illegal activity with U.S. citizenship. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll shows Americans are far more concerned about jobs, the economy and federal spending. As with Obamacare, a lot of people in Congress are ready to shove amnesty down the throats of Americans even though they oppose it.

We need to make sure Republicans in the House and Senate know exactly where we and a majority of Americans stand on this issue. Job number one in immigration reform must be securing our borders; it goes hand in hand with protecting our personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and securing a debt-free future.

Business leaders pushing for amnesty argue that taking the criminality aspect out of hiring illegal immigrants will free up the hundreds of thousands of workers needed to fill empty manufacturing jobs. They make no bones about their desire to reach out to the immigrant community for labor, but what about the millions of Americans who are unemployed?

Right now[3] the labor-market participation rate is at 62.8 percent. That means millions of Americans are so hopeless about finding work that they’ve stopped looking altogether. Why aren’t companies reaching out to American citizens rather than illegal immigrants?

Washington lawmakers need to take a good look around the country. Amnesty will not fix our economic woes; it will make them even worse. We need policies that support economic freedom, free markets and the rule of law. Now that’s an immigration reform package America can live with.