President Ignores Midterm Election Mandate

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Statement by Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots

Atlanta, Ga.Following President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, issued the following statement:

“The President obviously watched a different set of mid-term elections than the rest of the country did. He said that every single one of his policies was on the ballot; the American people rejected them – and him – overwhelmingly.

“It’s amazing that after such a repudiation of his policies and programs, his first instinct is to pick a fight. Three hundred billion dollars in new taxes? He knows there’s no chance of such a bill passing either house of Congress – he’s simply being confrontational. It began the day after his historic drubbing in November. He was quick to recognize the “2/3 of voters who stayed home.” The people who repudiated him at the ballot box are irrelevant to him.

“Ultimately, it’s the same old tired, redistributionist policies. He wants to tax the so-called “rich” to make free community college available to everyone? We saw how “free healthcare” worked out. The President is relying on turns of phrase to dupe low-information voters. The inheritance tax has become the trust fund loophole. Translation: let’s make it harder for families to pass on businesses or farms to their children, to conform to the President’s idea of what’s fair.

“President Obama’s also calling for an increase in capital gains taxes. Economic studies have consistently shown that increasing capital gains taxes results in less revenue to the Treasury. It doesn’t matter to him; he said in 2008 he’d favor raising them – in the name of fairness – even if it increased the deficit.

“President Obama has demanded higher taxes in every SOTU message. Raising taxes and punishing achievement is the last thing we need in a stagnant economy. Worse, expecting Republicans to pass tax-hike legislation is delusional.

“By putting forward these policy proposals, President Obama has shown he has no interest in seeking common ground for the good of the country. True to form for his first six years, he still seeks to divide the country in his final two.”

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