President enables illegal immigrants but won’t meet with law enforcement


Last week, President Obama and Vice President Biden heard the stories of “undocumented immigrants or family members of immigrants” at the White House. The linked article at Huffington Post describes a human interest story of great proportions and all that jazz.

Meanwhile, the legal citizens of this country trying to enforce existing laws get no such attention. From Matthew Boyle at Breitbart:

National ICE Council president Chris Crane, an ICE officer himself and a former United States Marine, noted in recent Senate testimony that even Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has shunned him and other ICE officers, ignoring and refusing requests for meetings.

“No, senator,” Crane replied when asked if Napolitano or other administration officials would allow ICE agents to meet with them. “In fact what we see is that the special interest groups are brought into ICE headquarters, up at DHS headquarters. [They brag] about the special interests groups they’re bringing in to work on the policies and have completely shut us out.”

Not only is the President ignoring ICE agents, his Administration is in fact not allowing them to do the job they are paid to do, namely, enforce immigration laws. The administration is even going so far as to challenge a lawsuit by the ICE union that a judge has ruled has merit.

This is beyond incompetence. On the one hand, the President is ignoring those who help secure our borders. On the other, he and Vice President Biden literally allowed people who are here illegally to meet with them personally in the White House.

But never mind the rule of law, apparently. Over at the White House and Huffington Post, sob stories rule the day.