Political Pontification: Biden Lauds Government Re-Opening


On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden greeted federal employees of the Environmental Protection Agency as they returned to work. In what is essentially a taxpayer-funded marketing video for the Administration, Biden took some liberties with the truth, showing the hypocrisy of the Administration.

First, the Vice President said:

What you saw last night [in Congress] was Democrats and a significant number of responsible Republicans saying “Enough.”

What is the definition of “responsible,” Mr. Vice President? Does it include kicking the fiscal can down the road again? Does it include letting Obamacare be funded, despite its already-disastrous effects on America? Does it include not getting a single worthwhile concession from the White House and Senate Democrats on anything that helps the American people – no regulatory reform, tax reform, or a single dollar of spending cuts?

Next, Biden said “There was no economic rationale for any of this. Budgets are supposed to be fought over economic issues.” The Vice President seems to have forgotten the significant economic and budgetary impacts of Obamacare – higher taxes, higher spending, and the deaths of thousands of full-time jobs across the country.

Biden also criticized those who would put “our full faith and credit on the line,” saying it is “not responsible.” In a responsible Administration, enacting entitlement reform, spending cuts, and tax reform to prevent America from its coming fiscal demise Would be considered responsible. Instead, Biden uses the line as a soundbyte, one that is doubly dishonest since Tea Party activists and our allies always said we shouldn’t hit the debt ceiling. Congress should live within its means to avoid raising the nation’s credit card limit.

When World War II veterans were being shut out of open-air memorials, the Administration was nowhere to be seen. When a U.S. citizen was nearly arrested for being at the Lincoln Memorial, Biden was somewhere else. Thousands of Americans are losing their health insurance, their jobs, and being financially crippled by higher premiums – and Vice President Biden and President Obama are nowhere to be seen.