Our message to Hill Republicans: Double down on DHS!


Last week, the Senate voted to begin debate on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security before its funding runs out at the end of this month. And three times, Senate Democrats filibustered the bill because they object to language that would strip funding from President Obama’s executive amnesty [1].

Where are the Democrats’ priorities? Obviously, they’re not with funding the Department of Homeland Security.

Our Republican leaders, to their credit, have stood firm on this bill. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is bringing up the version that passed the House. We want him to keep standing his ground, and send a very loud and clear message by cancelling the Senate’s recess next week.

We should members of the Senate get to go home if they won’t do their jobs?

Democrats are currently trying to distract Americans from their dereliction of duty by scapegoating Republicans as being soft on terrorism. Of course, the mental leap it takes to even try to make that argument, is staggering. Someone should point out, to Sen. Harry Reid and others, that it’s the Democrats who have voted three times to stand with illegal immigrants over DHS.

Democrats want to talk security and terrorism? They’re the ones voting to shut DHS down in order to preserve the integrity of illegal border crossings. Democrats don’t need a “clean” funding bill. They need to listen to the American people, pass the House legislation, and accept some Congressional debate on the president’s unconstitutional executive action on immigration.

Until that happens, no recess!