Open Season on Obamacare


For years, fiscal conservatives were roundly criticized in the media for opposing Obamacare. Mainstream Media called us partisan, intransigent, terrorists, ad nauseum.

Better late than never, media across the board is pulling no punches in hammering the law. A few examples:

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had a scathing attack. From Mediaite:

“The roll-out is unacceptable,” regular guest Mark Halperin said. “The secrecy is unacceptable….When governments are in crisis, they withhold information, and sometimes they don’t tell the truth.”

“I’m not being ideological,” co-host Joe Scarborough said. “These people want to run our health care system, and they want to be the grand organizers of what’s most important to most Americans over the age of thirty-five or forty. And yet they’re not telling us what’s going wrong with our system that they want to run?”

Mike Barnicle went one further. “They’re lying about it now,” he said. “They’re not depriving us of information, they are outright lying….

“Up until recently, they didn’t realize how bad this was going to go out,” Huffington Post’s Sam Stein said. “No one beta tested the site, which is almost criminal, when you think about it.

This is a roundtable on MSNBC.

Consumer Report also pulled no punches, via NRO:

Now three weeks into the exchanges, having offered reviews and advice, Consumer Reports said that “If all [these suggestions] are too much to absorb, follow our previous advice: Stay away from,” at least for the time being.

And former Obamacare cheerleader Ezra Klein has continued his intellectually honest takedown of the law. From his appearance on “Morning Joe” (emphasis added):

“There’s a real management failure here,” Klein said. “It isn’t that nobody knew. A lot of reporters, health care reporters, people who were engaged with HHS and CMS, folks like me and a lot of my colleagues, were going to them and saying, ‘We’re hearing bad things out of your testing. We’re hearing you’re not being able to transmit your data the way you need to transmit it.’ Senior White House staff said, ‘No, we’ve been watching this, we’re talking to people, it’s all fine, bugs are getting fixed.’ Somewhere along the management chain the news, the actual truth of what was going on—because it was not unknown—got lost, got spun, got hidden, got obscured, and they know that.”

Finally, the Los Angeles Times:

Another issue was Washington’s inability to get the site ready far enough in advance to test for problems thoroughly and make the necessary changes. The administration’s allies argue that it was an enormously complex undertaking, and that vital work was delayed by legal challenges and congressional opposition. But those are just excuses. It was arrogant of administration officials to believe they could make the site work without extensive testing and a carefully staged rollout, as any other major website would require.

Either fiscal conservatives have been proven prescient on how disastrous Obamacare would be or we paid attention in Economics 101. Either way, the media’s come lately approach to reporting on facts about the law is refreshing to see. America may even see mainstream media honestly report on Obamacare during an election year.

Stay Tuned.